The information below is about the Small Animal Exhibit at the 2016 Logandale Fall Festival. Please check back later for more information about the 2017 event.

Small Animal Fair

Nevada Cooperative Extension and 4-H will be providing incredible exhibitions and competitions at the Logandale Fall Festival. Check out the information on this page for schedules, how to register and what 4-H is all about!

Overview of 4-H Events at Logandale Fall Festival:

Livestock Quiz Bowl Competition:
Quiz Bowl is a take-off from the TV program of yesteryear called College Bowl. Livestock Bowl is a quiz competition where all the questions are about beef, sheep, swine, and meat goat topics and students use a buzzer in order to answer the questions.  Teams compete in a double elimination format by giving oral answers to questions posed by a moderator.  In most cases, 4-H Quiz Bowls are questions based entirely on one subject such as horses rather than the categories of history, science, current events and the arts. The Livestock Bowl would incorporate questions related to beef, sheep, and swine and could easily be expanded to include meat and meat products.  A game or match consists of two teams of four contestants each who compete against opposing team members and among themselves. The team to compile the highest score within a specified time or at the end of a specified number of questions is the winner. Scoring is based on correct responses to questions. The winning 4-H team are invited to represent the Southern Area 4-H at the Nevada 4-H State Livestock Quiz Bowl competition in 2017.

4-H Demonstration Contest:
It’s time to show what you know!
What: The Demonstration Contest provides 4-H members the opportunity to give demonstrations or illustrated talks at a county contest. 4-H members are encouraged to learn more about their project by conducting research and preparing visual aids on a topic related to 4-H. Presentations are limited to 10 minutes. Members can compete individually or as part of a team of two members. For more information contact the Extension Office for ” Demonstrations and Illustrated talks,” a great resource to help prepare. A successful demonstration will show the audience and judges several steps in a process, such preparing a cooked dish, grooming an animal, etc. Demonstrations are followed by a question and answer period with the judges where the contestant(s) can cite further resources or expertise.

Who: All 4-H members can participate. Participants will be designated into divisions by age: Junior (8-10), Intermediate (11-13), and Senior (14-19). Teams my compete with members of different age divisions. However, if team members are of different age divisions they must compete in the division of the older member.

Friday October 21 Saturday October 22 Sunday October 23
3:00 pm-OPEN-Check in for all Animals 10:00- Showmanship Clinic 10:00- Chicken Showmanship
4:00- Casino Style Chicken BINGO 11:00- Showmanship Clinic 11:00- Chicken Showmanship
5:00- Milking Demonstration- COW 12:00- Showmanship Clinic 12:00- Goat Showmanship
6:00- Casino Style Chicken BINGO 1:00- Showmanship Clinic 1:00- Pee Wee Showmanship (OPEN TO PUBLIC)
7:00- Milking Demonstration- Goat 2:00- Showmanship Clinic 2:00- Small Animal Costume Contest
8:00- Casino Style Chicken BINGO 3:00- Check In Quiz Bowl
3:30-Quizbowl Competition
4:00- Quizbowl Competition& Finals
5:00- Casino Style Chicken BINGO
6:00- 4-H Demonstration Contests
7:00- Casino Style Chicken BINGO
8:00- Stick Horse Barrel Races

Schedule is subject to change.

To  register to participate in the Small Animal Fair at the Logandale Fall Festival, click here to download/print and submit the Registration Form.

Keep in mind these rules before submitting a Registration Form:

4-H Official Dress

  • Participants in all events must wear official NV State 4-H dress attire which includes a plain white, long-sleeved, collared, with full front button-up or snap shirt; a green 4-H collar, tie, or scarf around the neck; black pants and closed-toe shoes

4-H Age Divisions

  • Ages as of January 1, 2016
  • Cloverbuds: 5 to 8 Years Old* Juniors 9 to 10: Years Old
  • Intermediates: 11 to 13 Years Old Seniors 14 to 19: Years Old
  • All contests will be divided according to youth age groups as shown above. If a lack of entries warrant, classes may be combined at the discretion of the show management.
  • *Note about Clover Buds:
    Clover Buds (children ages 5-8) are invited to participate in various 4-H activities during the festival. These activities are intended to be a learning experience and the participants will not be judged one against the other. All Clover Buds will be given like awards for their participation as per the 4-H National Clover Bud Policy. If
    you have any questions about this policy please call the local 4-H office at 702-397-2604

Small Animal Showmanship ( Poultry, and Goats)

  • Poultry and goats must be penned at the festival for the duration of the festival.
  • All small animals must be checked in on Friday October 21st at noon and stay until Sunday afternoon October 23rd between 3 pm and 4 pm.
  • All goats must have scrapie tags and or tattoos and registration papers when checking in.
  • In the goat show, bucks will not be allowed to show. All goats
    must be dehorned or tipped.

4-H Animal Costume Contest

  • This event is open to all ages and species housed at the festival. This event is an opportunity for youth to “dress up” their animal and themselves in a costume and have fun in the ring.
  • Animals must be docile and able to be handled with clothing and other accessories on them.
  • Costumes must be safe for animals, contestants, and people watching.
  • Animals may not be dyed or painted.
  • Costumes considered being hazardous, toxic, or offensive by the 4-H staff or event judge will NOT be allowed. (Example: dressing animal/contestants as a ghost in a white sheet would work as long as the sheet doesn’t drag on the ground)
  • Judging will be based on creativity, recognition of character/costume & member effort.
The small animal fair at the Logandale Fall Festival is part of the East Clark County 4-H Program. 4-H is a community of young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.

4-H began a century ago as an educational program for the nation’s rural youth. Today, 4-H meets the needs of and engages young people in positive youth development experiences. 4-H is the youth development education program of University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. 4-H is the largest out-of-school youth organization in the United States with over 7 million members. There are over 49,000 young people engaged in 4-H programs across the state of Nevada. The 4-H program promotes life skills development through an expanding number of delivery modes: 4-H community and project clubs, military and 4-H Afterschool programs; special interest groups; school enrichment; camping and more.

4-H participants are all youth, ages 5 to 19, taking part in programs provided as the result of actions planned and initiated by Cooperative Extension personnel in cooperation with volunteers. 4-H is characterized as being community centered, volunteer led, extension staff supervised, research based, home and family oriented, publicly and privately funded and responsive to change. It offers youth opportunities in communications, leadership, career development, citizenship, healthy living, science, technology, engineering and math and more.

The local Cooperative Extension office in your county can help you to find a local club or program that’s right for you. It’s also easy to start a new club with some of your friends or other interested young people and a few adults who are willing to help. We look forward to working with and serving youth!