Logandale Fall Festival Rules


You may not bring your own food or drink inside the festival area. This does not pertain to the RV parking area as long as it is kept outside the festival area boundary. There are water fountains inside the festival and empty, plastic containers may be brought inside the festival area to fill with water. No glass is permitted in the festival.


There are plenty of seating options at the festival. The lush lawns and shade trees allow you to spread a blanket or your own lawn chair. There is also bleacher seating available at the stage area and is first come, first serve. Please limit use of pop-up’s, canopies, umbrellas, etc. to the rear of the seating area so as not to block others’ views of the stage.


No alcoholic beverages may be brought into the festival area. All backpacks and bags are subject to search. Anyone found with alcohol will be asked to leave the premises.


This is a “rain or shine” event, so be prepared with rain gear just in case. And don’t forget your sunscreen just in case. It can become chilly in the evenings, so please have jackets, blankets, etc. handy for the nights.


You may bring cameras, small camcorders and audio recording devices to the Fall Festival. No flash photography is permittled please. Do not obstruct the view of others around you. This is a taper-friendly festival but you may not use any photo or recording from the Fall Festival for commercial purposes.


We recommend for the safety and enjoyment of you and your pets, that you do not bring them to the festival. Due to Clark County regulations, no pets are allowed inside the festival area except registered service animals. Friendly pets are allowed in the camping and RV areas but must remain on a leash and attended at all times. The Fall Festival reserves the right to ask you to remove yourself and or animal if you are affecting the enjoyment of others.


Found items will be sent to the front entrance/gate, please label your things if possible. Jamming will be allowed in the RV and camping areas at all hours. Be prepared for this if camping.